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Who We Are

A group of motivated individuals with many ideas.

We create different content and control the quality, transparency and honesty of the concepts. Driven by the need to optimize things, our members bring their talents together to realize great projects. Building trust between our work and the delivered content is the goal we set.

"Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together." - Jacqueline Woodson

4i production

Union of photography, video and movie creators. Their content is visual material from the reality, archived digital for the eternity.

seika planning

Eventplaner with focus on weddings. Guest invitation, table decoration, location selection, party games, entertainment program and more.

What We Do

We want to offer you the best possible products and services.

Our world looks only at the money and want to generate more sales with the lowest possible selfinvest. This ends often with a loss of quality. Thats why customer in this times have mistrust to products and services. We want to create a label that can be easier trusted. A label from which the same performance and quality can always be expected. So we have to verify the quality from the start till the end. Building trust needs a lot of time so we want now to take the first step.

Business Packages

We provide complete startup packages to build a company instantly. For restaurants and gastronomy we create redesign packages with logo, website, menus, business cards and more. On request, we can also create new individual packages.

Graphical Material

You need a photographer for a shooting? You need more content for your social media channel? In our graphical material branch you can get your individual photos or videos. And there is more, like digital advertising, t-shirt designs, flyers, etc.

Handcrafts + DIY's

This branch creates physical products like canvas, sculptures, kanzahsi, t-shirts and other creative stuff. For the skilled users we offer DIY-guides and DIY-boxes with the needed material. Maybe you find here something that fits perfect as a gift.

Wedding Packages

For the people among us who like to plan their wedding themselves, we offer wedding theme packages. These includes guest lists, save-the-date cards, invitations, menus, seating arrangements, party gadgets and more.

Web Design

In a digital world business owners need a website. We create individual websites for our members. The membership is needed to oblige regulations to maintain quality and transparency. With the regulations we want to prevent abuse.

IoT Development

Under this branch we provide services for people who loves automation. If you are interested in IoT we create an individual concept for your house or room. You can get an existing hardware, too. So take a look here from time to time

Featured Works

These are some of our recent projects and we are happy to show them to you.

Fung Wong


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A part of our creators and artists

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Flowers are beautiful and the perfect decorator that puts in the little extra for a fantastic, joyful and memorable event. Sadly they wither and left no traces to remember. Kanzashi flowers are another kind of decoration and accessory that doesn't fall apart. They are beautiful on their own way and can be kept to remember every event.

Kisaki Kanzashi Artist | Germany
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IT is one of the most important tools for humans. Automation saves time and reduce complexity of everyday processes. So we can spend this time to focus on more happy moments in our lifes. It is important not to forget a basic principle. Like Neo says "But we control these machines. They don't control us."

ScapS IT System Administrator | Germany
Cups of Tea
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